is your best source to learn how to make latte art. Here you will find photos and videos teaching you step by step on how to make coffee art. You will also find many tutorials, resources and tools to help you perfect your latte art making skills as well as your knowledge of the coffee bean.

Hello everybody, my name is Luigi Lupi and I have been a barman and sommelier for over 30 years. I was born in 1953 in Piacenza, a nice town in the north of Italy where I still live. I would like to dedicate these few lines to all my collegues and to all those people who would like to discover and be part of this marvellous profession. In every job it is not so easy to be at the top without being professionally trained and having had enough work experience during the years, to finally "take the cake".

Years ago, one could learn latte art skills by working hard alongside a good barman and picking up on all the secrets. Unfortunately nowadays, it is no longer possible to do the same. Everything runs faster and faster and in order to be competitive you need to learn quicker and push yourself to become better and better at your craft.

For this reason in Italy there are two great associations which often organize professional training courses at different levels for Barmen and Sommeliers who have different specializations.

I am proud to be part of: Italian barmen association & sponsors (AIBES)
Italian sommeliers association (AIS)

They offer professional training for Barmen and Sommeliers of different levels and specializations.

However, noone had thought about creating a course exclusively planned on the preparation of cappuccinos, so 15 years ago I had the fortune to meet Peter Merlo, big caffettaro and with his help we had succeeded in learning all the necessary techniques on how to prepare good cappuccinos and decorate only by using the movement of the milk jug. Now these techniques are available to you.

In this video, you can see the choices of the latte art materials, the whipping of the different types of milk and the step by step process of decorated cappucinos (latte art). The video is narrated and explains all of the latte art making techniques as you go. WATCH VIDEO >

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Luigi Lupi is an Authorised SCAE Trainer and Certifier.